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Ingredients: Dried Lavender Flowers

How to Use Homegrown Lavender

Lavender is a unique herb in that every part of the plant—bud, stem, and leaf—can be used in cooking. While the lavender flowers and leaves can be used fresh, the buds and stems can be used dried. Since the lavender flavor intensifies when the herb is dried, the dried buds should be used sparingly.

Best Way to Use Lavender?

Think lavender is beautiful? Learn about its many uses, and you’ll be digging up lawn and planting lavender. The many uses for lavender include traditional floral arrangements, dried lavender wreaths and making lavender oil, which has a host of applications from homekeeping to germ-fighting. Lavender uses don’t stop there. This perennial herb also holds its own in the kitchen—in desserts, grilled entrees and beverages.


How to Make Lavender Tea?

Boil 8 oz. of water. Place 4 tsp. of fresh lavender buds into a tea ball or sachet. Place the tea ball and water into a teacup. Let steep for 10 minutes. Enjoy!


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