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About Us

Make it Happy, Healthy and Homemade

Who knew cooking a few extra apples during a pandemic would emerge Mrs. Marcy's Homemades.   The need stay busy while in a quarantine allowed my creative juices to flow (pardon the pun).  So, applesauce it is!  The retched "COVID 20" - you know those extra pounds gained while working from home decided to visit my home for longer than I expected.  "We need to do better and eat better", I said to my husband.  So, I started cooking differently and it all began with apples.


As an entrepreneur for over 20 years, owner of 2 companies and a non-profit, I definitely did not want to start a new business in the midst of all this uncertainty. However, I decided to do something where the customer impact would not put me in a financial bind.  I started with gardening.  Now, anyone who knows me knows I'm afraid of all bugs, snakes and pretty much anything that crawls.  Well, I pushed my fears to the side and started gardening.   Tomatoes, cucumbers, kale and or course fresh herbs:  minter, basil, sage, parsley, and more.   I had officially become my mother - LOL

Fast forward, Mrs. Marcy's Homemade Applesauce was featured on a local news program and now we're off and running.  Orders from all over (even Arizona).  Today, we are growing and I know that my goal of wanting to share a little love and develop healthier eating habits will allow for you to taste the sweetness only God can provide.  


© 2021 by Mrs. Marcy's Homemades

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